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Among the largest of conifer species, Sitka spruce grows prolifically in the wetter climates of coastal Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. Its very high strength-to-weight ratio and consistent knot free growth ring pattern give it excellent sound conduction properties. As such it is commonly used in musical instrument manufacturing, including pianos, guitars, violins and harps. In the early days of Patrick Lumber, our founder, Charlie Patrick built a tremendous business selling Sitka spruce to the fledgling aircraft manufacturing industry.

Sitka spruce remains a valuable product for the company today, with customers in boat building (masts and spars), musical instruments and aircraft manufacturing.

One of only two conifer species to shed its leaves (needles), Western larch grows in the mountainous regions of Oregon, Washington and the Rocky Mountain states. Also known as tamarack, it is commonly sold as part of the Douglas fir-Larch species grouping because its engineering properties resemble those of Douglas fir.

Patrick sells larch as a separate species, primarily in export markets. It is highly valued in Europe for decking applications.